Who are we?

Jump and Rest has been established to design, develop and commercialise simple, beautiful and useful products. Our target customers are the ‘Kickstarter’ audience; early adopters who enjoy new products, technology and good design.

Jump  reacts to our needs as pro-active enthusiasts of outdoors activities. We will develop products that don’t exist, that’ll improve transportation of equipment and frequency of commuting with exercise.

Rest  designs simple, beautiful and useful products. Our core mission is to build a circular economy because we believe plastic is fantastic but we as an industry are not responsible enough. Whilst we recycle food packaging, we need to do the same with products. We will accept returns once the product has reached the end of its life / use. Then we grind down back to basics and reuse the raw material for new products. To do this we will limit material choice and colours. The ambition is over time we create guidelines of how this can be done efficiently and bring manufacturing in-house before helping others follow.

We have 2 Rest products currently awaiting funding to manufacture and launch. If you want to learn more, please contact us: 01413535491

More infortmation

Jump + Rest is led by Mark Penver, a multi-award winning industrial designer. It is also a spin-out of 4c Design, a product design and engineering consultancy with a strong 15 year track record.


Interested in learning more? Give Mark a quick call (01413535491) or email (mark@jump.rest)